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Omnia Concept was founded in 2009 by Véronique Cloux. Véronique’s professional life began in public relations, in very demanding roles at a European level, for example with Baume & Mercier or with the International Equestrian Federation. She then went on to open, in Pully, a Betjeman & Barton tea shop. Of course, these top quality products, from a world renowned purveyor of teas, valued perfect presentation; so Véronique set about the walls, the lighting, the display, the reception and tasting areas – all of which needed to be in perfect harmony with the brand’s image. From this was born her new vocation : the re-looking in interior decoration. In 2008, Véronique went to Paris for a course in «deco coaching» where she went deeper into this very delicate science which is, first and foremost, a partnership: you bring your ideas, desires, budget and Véronique helps you to achieve the environment within which you aspire to live, as well as finding the most stunning materials and the best suppliers.

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